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Why Service at a Dealership

Two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive? Automatic or manual transmission? Service at a corner garage or at a dealership? These are the age-old questions that plague every car owner. For many of them, the answer is: it depends. But when it comes to serving your vehicle, there are several good reasons that suggest a dealership offers the best care.

Specialty Technicians

One of the biggest advantages that car dealerships have over your average corner garage is their manufacturer-specific technicians. While there’s nothing that says technicians at a corner garage aren’t just as experienced, there is a lot that says those at a dealership have the specific experience that you want.
At dealerships, the technicians are trained on the dealership’s specific vehicle brand. So at a Nissan dealership, for instance, the technicians have been educated with Nissan training and Nissan resources. Lots of dealerships put their technicians through regular classes or training programs to keep them up to date on the latest developments. If you take your Nissan to a Nissan dealership, you can be sure that the person looking under your hood speaks the Nissan language. But if you take your Nissan to any old garage, there’s a chance that the mechanic won’t have worked on a Nissan in months.



If your car is under a warranty, then taking it to the dealership is a no-brainer. But dealerships will not only work on your car for free under warranty, they will sometimes be able to offer warranties for repairs that you pay for. You won’t find any warranty-related benefits at a corner garage.

Quality of Parts

When you get a part replaced at a dealership, you’ll get a genuine OE (original equipment) part. These are parts that meet the manufacturer’s standards, meaning they match the part that went into your vehicle on the assembly line. Yes, these parts cost more than the corner garage alternative—aftermarket parts. But, like the dealership repairs themselves, OE parts have the manufacturer’s stamp of approval and almost always make up for the price difference in quality and longevity.
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