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Importance Of An Oil Change | Quebedeaux Mitsubishi | Tucson, AZ

Importance Of An Oil Change | Quebedeaux Mitsubishi | Tucson, AZ

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The Importance of Getting an Oil Change

The oil change—or more accurately oil and filter change—is the most frequently talked about car maintenance task ever, but for many drivers it’s low on their priority list. Maybe we have oil change fatigue from hearing about it so much— which is why we need to keep mind just why getting an oil and filter change regularly is so important.

1: Oil lubricates the engine. Engines are made of metal pieces that spend a lot of time grinding against each other. Fresh, clean engine oil keeps those parts moving smoothly and extends their life, so you have to make sure your oil levels are high enough.

2: Dirty oil doesn’t work as well. Little bits of metal from those moving metal parts are always chipping off into your oil, which is why you have to flush out the system completely and add new oil. You also change the filter because even all-new oil won’t help you if the filter can’t clean it.

3: Oil cools the engine. The engine components would overheat fast if it weren’t for the engine oil, and overheating can ruin an engine. Along with coolant, engine oil is a vital part of preventing dangerous and expensive overheating.

4: Fresh, clean oil means better gas mileage. If your oil levels are low or your oil is dirty, it’s not doing an optimal job of keeping your engine lubricated and cooled—which means your engine is working harder and using more fuel.

5: Bad oil leads to bad performance. Again, if your engine is working overtime and isn’t getting the lubrication it needs, it’s not going to perform at its best. If you’re experiencing poor handling, rough starts, jerky acceleration, or any other concerning behaviors from your car, it could be because you need to get fresh oil and a new filter in the engine.

If your car needs some TLC and an oil change, come see the team at Quebedeaux Mitsubishi.

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