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How To Care For Your Tires | Quebedeaux Mitsubishi | Tucson, AZ

How To Care For Your Tires | Quebedeaux Mitsubishi | Tucson, AZ

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How to Care for Your Tires

Taking proper care of your tires is vital to your own safety and to making your tires last longer, which postpones new tire purchases and saves you money. Follow these tips on tire care to keep your tires in good shape for many miles ahead.

Checking tire condition

Tire tread is probably the most well-known aspect of tire health, and it’s famously easy to test at home using a penny. Low tire tread reduces traction with the ground, which can be dangerous, especially on wet and slipper roads. You also need to check your tires for damage and leaks while inspecting the treads.

Measuring tire pressure

It’s easy to use a gauge to check your tire pressure. Find out what the right pressure is for your car’s tires in the owner’s manual, and add or let out air as necessary. Most gas stations have air pumps for this. This is especially important when the seasons change, as fluctuating temperatures can influence tire pressure.

Rotating, aligning, and balancing tires

Rotating tires means moving your tires to different wheels, and balancing means getting all four wheels to the same weight. Tire alignment is the process of adjusting the suspension to get the wheels back where they’re supposed to be.
All three of these keep your wheels straight and help slow down wear—not just on your tires, but your engine. When your tires are misaligned or have uneven wear, it means the engine has to work harder, meaning it will wear out sooner.

If you have questions about tires, or you need a new set, contact us at Quebedeaux Mitsubishi.

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