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Common Service Milestones | Tucson, AZ


Properly maintaining your vehicle means keeping up with common service milestones. Performing routine maintenance can help prevent mechanical problems from occurring, protect major components, and improve performance and efficiency. Check out these common service milestones you should put on your calendar, and contact our service department to make your appointments.

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Frequent Maintenance Items
Frequent maintenance items should be performed on a weekly basis. Taking care of the most common service milestones should only take a few minutes. Make sure to bring up any major problems at your next appointment with the dealership service department.

Take a few moments each week to check the pressure of each tire. While you’re down there, keep an eye out for any damage or abnormalities in the tire tread and sidewall.

After examining the tires, pop the hood. Check the engine oil by pulling out the dipstick. Take a look at the windshield washer fluid level. Refill the oil and washer fluid if they’re low.

Keep an eye out for any illuminated lights on the dashboard each time you turn on the vehicle. Make a note of any illuminated lights. Bring them up with a technician at the dealership service department prior to your next appointment.

Three Months or 3,000 Miles
There are a few additional maintenance items to take care of every three months or 3,000 miles. Start by checking the engine air filter, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid. Consult your owner’s manual and replace the fluids according to the manufacturer recommendation.

Take a few months to open the hood and check the battery. Make sure all the cables are tight. Examine the belts, hoses, and exhaust as well.

Six Months or 6,000 Miles
In addition to the three-month maintenance items, the windshield wipers should be replaced every six months. Have the service technician inspect the chassis, too.

12 Months or 12,000 Miles
A technician should perform a full inspection of your vehicle every year. You should check the brake pads, wheel alignment, antifreeze, and cabin air filter once a year.

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